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Legacy Hills

Legacy Hills

My husband and I were selling our home, but could not afford to buy or build another home in California. It was very stressful. In addition, my husband was recovering from surgery. We were referred to Legacy Hills near Dripping Springs because of the location of their land development. Christina Puckett called us immediately, relieving our stress. The most endearing part of working with Christina was her skill and trustworthiness since we were in California. By the time my husband blew to Texas and got to the land sale, we were told that all of the initial release lots were sold. We were crushed. However, Christina found that one lot had not been sold and showed it to him after hours in the evening light and pouring rain. It was perfect, so we bought it! Thank you so much, Christina. We have a goal of building our home in Texas that would not have been possible without you, your skill, your open and honest personality, and your relentless will to help us fulfill our dream.
Renee and Robert D.

Christina is one of the most genuinely caring individuals I have had the privilege of meeting. Despite an undoubtedly busy schedule, she took time to guide us through the process of buying our property, from beginning to end. Her friendly demeanor and professionalism immediately put us at ease, and the dedication she demonstrated in following up with us is something we will always remember with deep appreciation. Ultimately, Christina truly went above and beyond in assisting us with our land purchase, which was in so much demand that it would have been impossible to acquire without her timely and invaluable aid. It is our hope that these few words of recognition of her efforts allow her to help others, as she has helped us. Thank you, Christina!
Sesha and Amrita K

These days, you very rarely meet someone as responsible and dedicated as Matt Watson. My first conversation with Matt, I explained how long Toby and I had been looking for land in the Austin area. As a born and raised Texan, my husband desperately wanted to own a “piece of Texas.” Matt listened to our wish list, and was confident we could find what we were looking for in Legacy Hills. He was so encouraging during this whole process. We learned that the sale would be on May 1st and 2nd, which was very disappointing because during those dates, we would be in Florida on a family vacation that was 1.5 years in the making, and then we were headed to Tennessee to visit my 93-year-old father. Because of this amazing opportunity that we didn’t want to miss, we decided to postpone the leg of the trip to visit my dad so that we could drive back in time for the sale. After 14 hours on the road (2 hours in a torrential rainstorm), we made it to Austin at midnight, and were at the land sale by 8:15 on the morning of May 1st. During our time in Florida, Matt reached out to us several times to see how we were doing and to see if we had any questions. He was also somehow able to move us from the 3:00 tour to the 9:00, which we were so incredibly grateful for. He knew how much this meant to us.....so amazing. When we arrived, there was so much activity and we did not really know what was going on, as we had never been to this type of land sale. Matt quickly found us and reassured us that we would be in very good hands with Kim. And boy was he right! Kim helped us come up with a game plan to find the perfect lot for us, and then drove like a trooper through the muckity muck to the correct street. In all the excitement, I asked Kim to pull over prematurely, and the next thing you know, Kim and I were running to secure Lot 65, with my husband walking behind, grinning and shaking his head as he watched these 2 ladies running like their hair was on fire! We ran, we called it in on the walkie-talkie, and we got it! Gorgeous lot 65 is ours now, thanks to Matt’s dedication to detail and his caring nature, and to Kim’s good driving and sprinting abilities. It is a story that will no doubt be passed down through our children, and we will be forever grateful to Matt as we create memories in our dream home at Legacy Hills.
Karen and Toby M

We wanted to take the time to write you a letter of thanks and acknowledgement of all Matt Watson and Price Keever did in prep for our family's tour. We recognize that we have become the proud owners of two beautiful properties only because of your thoughtful actions. You literally changed the outcome for us! By Lauri's and Ray's appointment being rescheduled from 1:00 pm to 9:00 am, they were not among the people who received a phone call with the news of the sellout. With your approval of a family group tour, Larry and I had the opportunity to join Lauri and Ray in the adventure. And last but not least, Larry and I appreciate the fact that you and Davy made the executive decision to allow Lot 52 to be released even though it was not officially on the market. Now, because of those actions, we are all neighbors! In Matt's words, "It was AWESOME!" So, thank you many times over! To have someone go out of their way to assist another the way you did is humbling and something to be acknowledged. We sincerely appreciate it! Matt has continually told us what a great group he works with because they all attempt to set up each other for success. It is evident that that mindset comes from the top because you live out the very values you encourage and desire to have your agents exhibit.
Larry and Jan D

Matt: As I think you know, we have dropped a note to your leadership in order to recognize you for the support you offered leading to our purchase of our tracts at Legacy Hills. While we want them to know of your good work, we also wanted to take a minute to thank you directly. Thank you, Matt. I’m not sure that if it weren’t for your efforts, we would have been as engaged with our interest to invest in parcels for two of our kids. What started out as a general “curiosity” about the development grew to buyer level interest based upon working with you and learning more about your company, your business model, and the Legacy Hills development. In fact, as our interest in the property ratcheted up as we worked with you, that interest then translated to our extended family taking an interest in Legacy Hills. The result of our interest, based upon working with you, resulted in our nephew, Will Noble, also buying a lot the same Saturday we did. I guess that means you helped land a “3fer.” Bottom line, Matt, we appreciate the professionalism you brought to the process of our learning about Lone Star Land Partners and the Legacy Hills project. We’re thrilled to have purchased the two parcels we did and look forward to those being a part of the lives of our family for years to come. Thanks again and we hope that this experience may lead to working together on future properties.
Lance and Lisa N

Legacy Hills is the second development by Lone Star Land Partners that I have bought in. When David Cribb asked me to come take a look at their newest development outside Dripping Springs, I didn’t hesitate to book an appointment. Lone Star Land Partners’ attention to detail and overall first class properties gave me the confidence to buy on the spot. David not only did his homework on the surrounding communities and attractions, but was very familiar with what the each lot had to offer. Don’t pass up a chance to check out Legacy Hills, as I think this will be another jewel in Lone Star Land Partners’ vast portfolio of community developments.
Robert P

On Saturday, May 1st, Texas was having one of the downpours that make the news. We were scheduled for a 9:00am appointment with Mark Gallagher to show us property at Legacy Hills Ranch outside Dripping Springs, Texas. On one of our prior telephone conversations, Mark prepared me on how time sensitive/hectic it may be, and I tried to relay to Mike, but he was not convinced. Mike wanted to walk the property and study it before we decided to purchase it. So, we arrived at 8:00am, enjoyed the kolaches, and visited with Mark. We planned our strategy because our 1st choice was Lot #82. The time came to go see the property and Mark was #2 in line. All these 4-wheel drives were lined up. So, in our rain boots we dredged to Mark’s truck. Mark was so prepared that he had raincoats and boots if we needed them. So, the caravan began; we didn’t get past the first property and someone called the first lot sold with the name of the buyer. At this time, it was still really raining and the road ahead looked like a lake then a big hill ahead. The first truck went up and was sliding a bit, then Mark in his big Ford F250 coasted up the hill. At this point, I had all the confidence in Mark! I turned to look out the back window to watch how the other vehicles were doing. Some were having a hard time going up the hill. The #1 car in front of us turned off to their interested property. We continued our journey back to lot #82 and I was following on the map nervously keeping an eye out the back window. I felt I was in the Brown Derby. We were just about to the street that Lot #82 was on and I again looked out the back window and there was a truck fishtailing struggling up another hill trying to catch up to us, it is was like a race. Mark was cool as a cucumber and I panicked and hollered “Mark, hurry up…. They’re gaining on us!” We pulled up to lot #82 and Mike just froze, so I yelled “Lot 82 sold!” Mark was perfect and if he was not so calm, I would have had a heart attack. Mark then walked the lot with us, and we enjoyed and laughed at the experience and got to know him better. We even met our new neighbors on each side of us! It was quite an experience and looking back it was fun! Mark Gallagher was very knowledgeable on the property and prepared us well, so we were successful on getting the lot of our dreams and all along the way, we developed a great friendship with Mark. It was an excellent experience due to Mark Gallagher!
Mike and Rhonda S. [from Houston]

Legacy Hills

The Centerville Land Rush of 2021 aka Woodland Hills Ranch Land Sale. I wanted to own real property in Texas. I spent time on the Internet searching for a piece of raw ground. Property with any acreage always seemed to carry HOA restrictions, and size and time to build requirements. Then, one day recently, I came across an Internet posting of a “Land Sale.” The video and related material was attractive to me, so I entered my contact information to learn more. Mark Gallagher responded to me. He was cordial, not pushy, which I sort of expected him to be aggressive, but I asked him a ton of questions, which he answered. We spoke for a bit, then transferred to using text messaging. I would ask questions, Mark would quickly supply answers. My spouse and I were intrigued. At first, I was going to buy sight unseen, then decided I would drive to the sale and see the property firsthand. Then my spouse said she was going also! Stay with me! We were in Arizona! We contacted Mark, and told him we were coming. He said because of covid, we would have a 9:30am opening to meet him. Miss it, and we could be delayed a day or more. We loaded up, and headed East to Buffalo, TX. Arrived late, the day before the sale, but safe. The next morning, we headed to the Cowboy Church in Centerville, TX to meet with Mark. We arrived, signed in, and were introduced to Mark in person. He immediately took us under his wing so to speak, and laid out the Phase I plan showing the properties. We discussed our choices first, second, last resorts. We felt very confident Mark knew exactly what we were looking for. Then, he told us we were number six! SIX? What does that mean? This is where the real fun began! We were going to be in a convoy, and we were in truck number six, Mark’s fourwheel drive. Mark explained that we were going to drive to the property as a group, then when we arrived, we had to wait for the last truck in line to arrive. Then, reminiscent of the Oklahoma Land Rush, the whistle blew, and we charged, bouncing across the pasture, marked by little red flags, denoting where roads would someday be. Mark told me that when we arrived at our first choice, we should say immediately if we wanted that lot. First come, first serve. YaaaHoooo! This was fun! We approached the property and I said YES! We were the first buyer. Mark parked, and with Mark, we walked the entire perimeter of the property. We remain pleased with our purchase and have stayed in touch with Mark. He continues to respond quickly to our ongoing questions: ‘How are the roads coming along, Mark?’ He responded with photos! Great job Mark!
Dusty and Tic W

We first met Mark when we were looking at properties at the Majestic Hills development in Blanco. Even though we ultimately decided to wait for a property located closer to a larger town, we sincerely appreciated Mark's efforts and patience as he walked us across several lots that we really liked. We asked him to stay in touch with us. Mark contacted us regarding Legacy Hills and we were excited for the chance to see something close to Dripping Springs. Mark warned us that the properties would go very fast and we were a day late trying to firm up an appointment. For the rest of the week, Mark worked to get us into the 9:00 slot on Saturday and made sure to confirm the qualities we were looking for in a lot. We ended up with the perfect lot for us. Mark has maintained excellent communication with us all along the way and has remained helpful even after we signed the papers. We can't imagine a better land buying experience and are looking forward to other opportunities with Lone Star Land Partners in the future.
Chris and Julia F.

Nick Shumard and Price Keever have always done a fantastic job for us. We have bought a total of 5 lots from National Land Partners now and the experience has been seamless each time! We just closed on our latest 2 lots at Legacy Hills and look forward to working with them again in the future.
Richard C.

Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank Ken Hopkins for his wonderful customer service, patiently answering all questions, and helping us through the purchase of our lot at Legacy Hills.
Sivakumar B.

Indian Springs

Rob has been very easy to work with. He listened and really got to understand our vision and what we were looking for. When we first met Rob, we really weren’t sure that this is what we wanted to do. But after he spent several hours listening and showing us different sites at Hamilton Ridge, we were truly convinced that this was a goal for us to find land and to build in a few years. At that time, we wanted to hold off and really look at our finances as we were in the process of refinancing our house. We asked him to keep us in the loop and we had a chance last weekend to look at the land at Indian Springs. Again, he spent several hours with us showing us two lots that we really liked. He allowed us to really spend time discussing the pros and cons of both for our needs. He let us go back and forth and we made a decision to invest and purchase 10 acres that day. He really takes the time to get to know his customers and their wants, he doesn’t pressure but continues to offer and advise and provide options. He made the process really easy, smooth and a fun experience. We are excited to move forward with the land. We have several friends that are interested and we will be sure to give them Rob’s card!
Lynne and Doug G.

My wife and I wanted to give a BIG shoutout to Lone Star Land Partners and in particular Rob McFall. From the very first correspondence we could tell we were put in touch with someone who would be looking out for us. Our initial contact was through email and Rob answered all our questions timely and with professionalism. We ended up having a phone conversation that weekend prior to going out to Indian Springs and again Rob was amazing with his explanations and his expertise. Once we made it down to the tour of Indian Springs, we decided on lot #32 and could not be more happy and excited about closing on this land deal and accomplishing the first big step of our dream. Rob has continued to follow up with us as he promised and we are confident none of this would have been possible if Rob had not made us feel 100% comfortable and at ease with all the steps that have and will take place to make this happen. A big thank you to Rob and the Lone Star Land Partners team!
Jason and Helene C.

We are so happy Rob McFall ended up being our land consultant. He was very thorough and patient with us. He listened intently with what we envisioned in the land we wanted and showed us and brought us to the perfect tract. Rob, thank you so much! We will definitely recommend you to our friends! We can’t wait to finally settle in our farm. Best to you and your company!
Henry and Mia P.

We have been looking for land in Texas for quite some time to enhance our future plans, when we were contacted by Rob McFall at Lone Star Land Partners for a preview of some land in Priddy, Texas. We were greeted warmly by Rob and had all of our questions answered before getting a first come first serve ride to see this land with the opportunity to purchase. We couldn’t be happier about the land we chose or the service and compassion Rob gave us through this process and experience. Any big purchase can come with its set of stresses, but Rob was forthcoming, patient, and understanding. He continues to stay in contact with us about the land and we have already referred him to friends. We will continue to inform our friends and family about the service rendered and the exceptional assistance Rob displayed.
Pat and Staci R.

After decades of living in the Northeast, I was looking for a warm, affordable place to retire. Texas was on my radar, but I wanted to learn more about my real estate options before making a move and decided to contact Lone Star Land Partners. From the start, John De Mari from Lone Star Land Partners was personable and took an interest in what I was looking for rather than giving me a hard sales pitch. He was able to identify what I was looking for in a property and worked with me personally to find a property that worked for me. He was always happy to take my calls and answer my many questions. He knows so much about Central Texas that I was able to get an idea of whether I would want to move there. When I made the trip out to see Lone Star Land Partners’ offerings, I was able to meet John’s boss, Louis, and could see that John’s approach to sales was the company standard. John’s patience and attention made every step of the process more manageable than I could have imagined. In fact, I happily referred 3 friends to John and would refer more without hesitation. I am grateful to John and the Lone Star Land Partners team for making my retirement dream a reality.
Kathy D.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that we had an excellent experience with Kim Benestante. We recently purchased lot 17 at Hamilton Ridge. She was very communicative and knowledgeable from the get-go. She made us feel very comfortable and was a pleasure to work with. She never rushed us or pushed anything on us. We were very appreciative of how much she knew about the locality of Hamilton and the property itself. We are so excited to close on our land and can't wait to call Hamilton our home!
Amber and David P.

Kim with National Land Partners has provided unparalleled fortitude and dedication during our especially challenging situation. Due to covid and an unprecedented number of new land purchases in the coveted central Texas Hill Country, many real estate companies have been severely understaffed and unable to perform otherwise ordinary work tasks in a timely manner, including the land appraisal company assigned to our case. During the 7 months of seemingly endless delays, Kim remained a steadfast member of our team and helped push the deal forward at every opportunity. Now that we have finally signed our closing papers and submitted our bank wire transfer, I can say with confidence that we could not have done it without Kim!
Will and Bennie B.

My wife and I have talked for years about buying land. When we decided to start looking, we found an ad for Comanche Hills. We made a phone call and made arrangements to meet with Kim at the Comanche Courthouse. She escorted us to the development where we looked at a couple of 10 acre lots. Kim was very knowledgeable and even suggested some good building locations. We finally settled on a lot. The buying process went flawless. Lone Star Land Partners was very easy to work with and helped us through the process to get to closing. Kim has been available to answer questions about the development. It was a good feeling that Kim and Lone Star Land Partners were still there to help us even after closing.
Claudia and Russell S.

Kim Benestante and Lone Star Land Partners did a great job making this process work in spite of a great geographical separation and inconvenient difference in time zones. I have worked with lenders/banks in the past and those previous experience were disheartening and caused me to lose hope in the process. Lone Star Land Partners made everything simple, convenient and personalized to fit my unorthodox situation. Buying land while living abroad is scary, but Kim put my mind at ease. Thank you for everything.
Nathaniel L.

Zach has been amazing! Our experience was just what we’d hoped for and I found a beautiful piece of property!
Kristina G.

We had a great time! Zach was amazing. He drove around everywhere for us. The best buying experience we’ve had EVER! We are incredibly excited for the future. Thank you Zach for this day. May God bless you! Mahalo. William and Sara R.

Truly happy with our decision to buy. No regrets at all. We hope to recommend some friends to check out future land developments.
Kevin and Kim W.

My wife and I recently signed for a property at Indian Springs. This was the second property David showed us. We have looked at other land sale properties, but never got the personal interest like we received from David. He took the time to understand what we were looking for and made sure we got a good spot on opening day to pick out our dream property!
Brad D.

David was awesome from the first day I filled out the Facebook interest form. He responded quickly every time on call/text/email and gave me all the required information that enticed me to book an appointment at Indian Springs. On the day of the appointment, he gave all the information of available lots and showed us all the available lots end to end. David was very helpful, informative, friendly, and respectful. Thank you David for your help from start to end. I would love to work with you on your future projects as well.
Parth and Shweta G.

Positive experience with David and Stephen. David was patient with my many emails, texts, and phone calls. The day we went out, Stephen showed us 2 lots. The view from the 2nd lot was absolutely stunning and we immediately slapped a sold sticker on the lot. Looking forward to building our home in the country. Definitely recommend Lone Star Land Partners.
Melodie L.

Driving 4 hours to Indian Springs, David made sure what we wanted was available. David has been great to work with and responds quickly to emails. I would recommend him to anyone.
Robert R.

Majestic Hills

We had the opportunity to view multiple properties based on our criteria. Majestic Hills offers a large variety of properties with beautiful short-range and long-range hill country views at a price point that we could afford. Matt Watson was extremely knowledgeable and thorough about each property, even going into the specific details of the septic systems, wells, and potential build sites. Matt was dedicated in finding us our perfect "A+" property. We were completely blown away by the experience Majestic Hills provided us! Thank you Matt for tailoring this adventure to meet our highest expectations.

Megan & Clinton M.

Majestic Hills Testimonial

Majestic Hills Testimonial

My name is Martin Leal and my wife's name is Patsy. I'm a 13 year military veteran and presently a 22 year educator. I wanted to share my experience when we received our tour with our fabulous consultant Christina.

I remember her taking us on this tour to Majestic Hills where I had a feeling our lives were going to change forever. Christina showed us a lot, however we decided to pass on it because I wanted to see the hilltops. The hilltop she showed us was the only one I had to see. We fell in love with that lot as soon as we stepped foot on it.

My imagination started running wild with the possibilities. It had the panoramic millionaire view I was looking for. I've taken my family and friends to see it several times. As soon as I submitted my pictures on Facebook, my friends started calling me. I was able to refer several of them and one of them will be our neighbor.

I explained to my wife that I was going to do whatever it took to make it happen. I still remember that as Christina was showing us our lot, another vehicle was fast approaching to view our lot and my wife shouted out "Christina, please let them know that this lot has been sold!" Christina proceeded to wave them down and told them "this lot is sold!"

It was quite an experience and we look forward to spending the rest of our lives on this land I call "a slice of paradise!"

Martin & Patsy L.

We wanted to share a few comments regarding our very positive experience with Mark Gallagher as he worked with us in finding our ideal lot in Majestic Hills. To begin, this lot purchase is hopefully to be our last, and with that consideration, we had defined many specific features for the property. For that reason, we wanted to check the majority of our boxes and did not want to settle for a great deal less. We appreciate that Mark understood those desires and accepted that no ordinary lot would do. He took on the challenge with great patience and we felt that he was truly invested in locating a lot for us. While we certainly weren't the only individuals looking for property, he remembered our numerous requirements from day one.

Likely our most favorable impressions of Mark were his no-pressure approach and honesty. We know his job is to sell the development, but he was never heavy handed. He stayed in touch on how the development was progressing and was always up front with us.

Finally, we made several trips to Majestic Hills and on each of those many occasions, Mark was gracious and friendly. It was a pleasure to be able to meet Mark and he is a great representative for your company.

We look forward to building our home and living in Majestic Hills!

Gwen and Kevin P.

Our experience at Majestic Hills with consultant Christina Puckett has been fantastic.

Christina took the time to hear the kinds of properties we were interested in (trees, water, views) and proceeded to show us examples of each in a very easygoing manner without any high-pressure sales tactics. We ended up selecting a property with over 60 oak trees along with maples and ash trees following a wet weather creek bed that feeds Blasingame Creek. There is also some pastureland where I can practice my green thumb and some incredible views of the surrounding hills.

While the land sells itself, Christina was our guide to finding it. Post-sale Christina has been quick to respond to questions regarding well water testing, home builders, proposed electric access points and availability of other properties. Can't get any better than that!

Mike & Sandra L.

Majestic Hills Testimonial

Majestic Hills Testimonial

My name is Desiree Kloza, and I wanted to take a few moments to relay how incredibly wonderful our purchase experience was with Lonestar Land Partners, and most especially with our sales rep, Christina Puckett. My husband and I had been looking at acreage property for several months last spring when we finally decided to check out Majestic Hills. I say finally, because the Blanco area is a favorite of ours, and we had seen the billboards the entire time we were looking, but for whatever reason hadn't set up an appointment to view properties. We had come very close to putting a payment down on 10 acres just to the east of Blanco, but I knew that it wasn't a perfect fit. Since this property was to be our retirement dream, I knew I wouldn't be happy just "settling."

When we set up our appointment with Christina, she asked the realtor who was acting on our behalf the "right" questions about what we were looking for. From the moment we walked into the office, she listened to us, answered our questions, and ultimately took us to our "dream property." Before we left the office, she looked confidently at my husband and me, and said, "I think I have the perfect property."

I can't explain it, but before we ever turned into Majestic Hills, I knew she was right. She drove us to the top of Big Sky Court and simply smiled and stepped back and watched as we got out of her truck to see the property for the first time. It took about 5 minutes for us to decide that this was OURS. She walked us throughout the entire 10 acres, acted as the game warden, showing us the abundant wildlife, and even scaring off a snake in our path! She was knowledgeable without being pushy and wasn't obsessed with making a sale. She cared about what we wanted, and she delivered!

As my husband and I sat in our swing on the property, visualizing our future home, she gave us that moment of privacy that we needed, just to dream. Right as we were about to tell her that we had made our decision, much to our surprise, a puppy ran up through the property, as though he were welcoming us home! It was as if, that was a sign that this was meant to be. We even teased Christina that she must use puppies to soften up all of her clients.

Without a thought, she scooped up little "Nugget" (we named him of course) and took him back to the office with us. As luck would have it, our realtor that had been helping us (she wasn't able to be with us that day) ended up adopting Nugget. It was a perfect ending to the perfect experience.

We closed on the property literally the day before the world seemed to shut down due to Covid. When we needed to escape quarantine, our little piece of heaven in Majestic Hills is where we would go… We are counting the days before we will be able to build our dream home. Christina not only introduced us to our dream, but she became our friend. What more can you ask for? Thank you, Christina, for taking the time to listen to us, getting to know us, and most importantly showing how much you care about us! We love you!

Desiree & Danny K.

Our land quest journey began weeks before we met Ms. Christina Puckett. My husband and I had been looking for land a few weeks before we learned about Majestic Hills and jumped to the opportunity right away, the only problem was, we would not be able to attend their next tour, that is when we met Christina.

We have always believed that there are no coincidences in life, finding Christina in our journey when searching for a land we could call home was meant to be! We strongly believe God placed her in our path!

From the start, Christina listened attentively to our needs, she asked us questions about the things we were looking for, our priorities, price range, land size, likes and dislikes. One of our top priorities was finding land near water, that was an absolute non-negotiable requirement for us. Christina listened attentively to our goals and dreams; she was diligent in taking notes about our priorities so that she could help us find a land we could call "our little piece of heaven" in the Texas Hill Country.

Christina took us on a tour at Majestic Hills a few days after we met. The tour was truly enlightening and enjoyable, not only did she take the time to tour with us and guided us to all the lands she thought might be in harmony with what we were in quest of, but she educated us on all the lands we visited, she did it with a smile too! We truly felt like if she knew exactly what we were searching for and, yes indeed, after weeks and weeks of searching for our "little piece of heaven" we were able to find it with Christina's help in one day! and with our own water pond too!

My husband and I truly appreciated the fact that Christina took the time, talked to us and acknowledged us as people, not just another potential sale. Nevertheless, what we found even more remarkable was her genuine attention, through all the time we interacted with Christina, she always listened patiently without rushing or interrupting us, her professionalism and kindness is rare to find in the times we live now.

Thank you, Christina, you are the best!

Mariza & Jorge F.

Majestic Hills Testimonial

Mark, Louis and Price were great to work with. All were professional, knowledgeable and gave me the space to finalize the deal without feeling pressured.

Richard F.

Mark was a great listener to match our needs to the correct property. He followed up the right amount of times and was very knowledgeable about the property and surrounding areas.

Tim & Cindy H.

Mark was very friendly and helpful. He was very patient with all of our questions and drove us to view several lot options. The property is absolutely beautiful. This was a "no pressure" sales appointment. When we finally made our decision, Mark explained everything in very simple terms. He was a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend Majestic Hills to other looking to purchase property in the Texas Hill Country.

Arthur & Vickie T.

Thanks for being so attentive to what we were looking for.

Eric & Jennifer M.

We had a great experience. Mark was informative, helpful and listened to our needs. He was patient with our wants and don't want list. He was amazing!

Robert & Debbie O.

Amazing community, great location and nearby town. Ken was great and really helped answer all of our numerous questions. Very patient with ALL of our questions!

Nathan & Kelly V.

Mr. Ken was very nice, polite and well-explained. He showed and walked us to different lots on the property. Overall, we had a very good experience. Answered the questions, easy to communicate with, and patient – extremely patient.

Lee & Brandy R.

Ken Hopkins is so patient and knowledge and great to work with. Impressed with the development and amenities. Looking forward to enjoying the great views and the wildlife! So many deer!

Great location, building sites, great salesman – Ken Hopkins. What a delight to work with. Great views and not too big a development.

Paul & Norma M.

We really enjoyed how Kenneth showed us all the possible properties and helped us choose the perfect lot! He was really patient and explained everything thoroughly. We are sure we will have a lot of fun here at Majestic Hills!

Adriana & Juan F.

We just bought a second lot on the community. It's a great location with well-thought out restrictions. We enjoyed working with the sales team. They are very knowledgeable. They helped us to see the potential of the land and multiple possible building sites, which really opened up our eyes, and made us appreciate the land, the view and the community even more. Our thanks to the sales team!

Rex & Michelle C.

The land is beautiful! Service was great. We are excited new landowners.

Andrea & Scott R.

This development is beautiful. The views are breathtaking. Cannot wait to start building and living the dream.

Michael & Chasey S.

Kenneth did a fantastic job in showing us the properties. Very professional, polite and a great attitude. Thanks Ken!

Alfredo P.

We felt at ease with our sales rep Tyra. Not once did we feel any pressure and she made the experience fun. The drive through the property was beautiful and not rushed, which we really appreciated.

Sarah B.

Joe was amazing and very informative. We enjoyed the drive out and an amazing view of the site. Can't wait to come back and build. Michelle was the sweetest lady! Thank you for the lunch.

Cody & Risa W.

Mark was patient, professional and thorough. Enjoyed the time we spent exploring Majestic Hills.

Mark S. & Tina V.

Awesome experience, great view, can't wait to live there. Very friendly. Ken was fantastic!

Robert L.

We have been looking at property in the Hill Country for 3+ years. Numerous times we would find the perfect lot only to find out a contract as pending. We were very specific on what we wanted: privacy, view, quiet, reasonable restrictions, and space between lots. We found the perfect lot at Majestic Hills.

Ron & Vicky O.

Nick was very courteous, professional and ZERO pressure. He made our experience a pleasant one! The development is absolutely beautiful, exceed our expectations. We look forward to living there!

Gary & Ana N.

Beautiful. Perfect for serenity, views and a quiet escape. Great people to work with that help you see what you envision for your future home.

Jason & Tricia B.

Beautiful land. Ken was very knowledgeable and very little feeling of pressure.

James & Tina B.

Great customer service. Mark hit the mark on what we wanted. He took us to the lots he knew we would love and really helped us through all the aspects of our purchase. Thank you, Mark!!!

Luis & Sandra V.

Great job explaining everything. Seems to be very reputable company. Good infrastructure (roads and gates).

John T.

Ken was great and the property tour sold us. Great terrain and scenic views. Value is there and this appears to be a great future investment and place to retire.

Jacob & Briana G.

Thank you for being so wonderful!

Kyle, Carla & Kayleigh K.

Awesome! Mark was great and put up with a lot from us.

Bruce B.

We really enjoyed the way Kenneth Hopkins presented the different land to us and the way he respected and understood what we wanted.

Rodrigo G.

Great experience. Professional yet laidback. Very knowledgeable. Made the process easier than I anticipated.

Jesus R.

Wonderful time seeing what Majestic Hills has to offer. Christina gave us fantastic information and made the process smooth and easy. We love it here!

Gary & Patricia G.

Rio Escondido

Bobby Gage was most helpful in finding and acquiring the perfect land for me. I will be forever grateful to him for the ease of the process and for taking the extra time it took for him to work around my schedule in making this momentous purchase happen.

I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering purchasing land at any one of their represented properties. Not only is Bobby very knowledgeable, but he is also personable with an outgoing and friendly personality. Thank you Bobby for making this such an easy and pleasurable experience.

Pam F.

Rio Escondido - Texas Land for Sale

I just wanted to take a moment to share our wonderful experience with purchasing our dream land. Before we reached out to Ryan we had several disappointing misses on land sales. We have been searching for the perfect spot to build our forever home. I spoke to Ryan about what we were really looking for in our dream land. He immediately took me lot 20 and it was perfect. We looked at several others but after years searching for it he had found our spot. The purchases process was so easy and Ryan was there through the whole thing to answer any questions and check in. He even met us closing day for a celebratory toast. We were so happy with the process we have other family purchasing property there as well. We are so happy to raise our family in the small community of Evant. Rio Escondido is a dream come true.

Meagan W.

Rio Escondido - Texas Land for Sale

We really trust and appreciate Ted. Being first time land buyers, Ted’s transparency and expertise meant everything. The lender is a bit difficult to deal with only because of his lack of communication, but title company was also amazing!

Kristi S.

From Ted: This couple lives in Dallas. They came to Marble Falls for closing. They stopped by to see us and their lot on their way home. The lot next to them became available. They were very happy with their land, value, and experience, so they decided to buy the adjacent one also!

Found on internet. Made an appointment. Came out 6/27/2020. Dennis was very knowledgeable, extremely nice, and made our decision to purchase land today. If you are fortunate to get Dennis to help with your land purchase, you are in good hands.

Dwayne D.

We saw this ad on FB. After having seen multiple properties, we were interested in looking at what was available. We are grateful that Dennis was kind enough to show us around. We saw multiple lots and fell in love with one of the lots. Dennis didn’t sell us the property; the property sold itself. Dennis facilitated our ultimate decision. Thank you, Dennis.

Tony M

We just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you did a really good job. We've been wanting land for quite some time now and I think you nailed the job of showing us what we really wanted. We're glad we decided to work with you, Ryan. It’s really great how easy and smooth the transaction went. You were knowledgeable of the area and were able to answer most of our questions. Even though we arrived early, you met with us and showed us the property (the mule ride was a bonus and we enjoyed it). Throughout the process, you checked in and made sure that paperwork was getting done and you never stopped communicating until we finally closed with the titling company. We cannot wait to build and use the property! You are a great asset to Lone Star Land Partners!

David & Angela H.

Rio Escondido - Texas Land for Sale

Used social media to find. Dennis answered all my questions promptly and with great information. Very knowledgeable. Beautiful area. Dennis is awesome. We had fun exploring. Great price and good buy!

Neil T.

Great and friendly service by Rob. Spent plenty of time showing us the “lay of the land.” We’ll definitely refer him to any of our friends and family who are looking to buy land in the area.

Linda & Joe G.

We loved the size of the lot and the size of the oak trees. The deal dealer was that the lot is on the creek. The office staff was great and Rob was great at showing us a variety of lots and answering all our questions.

Mike & Sue H.

Professional and polite communication. Straight-forward. Listened to what I was looking for. Great lot, good views, like the area. Good explanation of the lot.

Emilie K.

Ryan Taylor did a great job when I purchased my property from Lone Star Land Partners. He was very attentive and took the time to answer all my questions. He took me to several different properties that were for sale and made special arrangements for me to purchase a piece of property that wasn’t even listed yet. The buying process was easy and he kept in contact with me throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else I know who is looking to buy.

Darin P.

We were looking for the location of the last home we will ever live in. We found Rio Escondido. We loved the view from the property and country feel. We loved the location's proximity to big cities. Rob was very polite and courteous. He let us explore the location and bounce ideas off of him. We recommend you look into Rio Escondido or other Lone Star Land Partner properties near you.

Rush & Maria S.

Wanted say that working with you and the Rio Escondido team was great. Everything went smooth and you were prompt and helpful in answering questions. Closing was seamless and there were no surprises.

I am excited about the purchase of the property and can’t wait to see how the area develops. Thanks again!

Emilie K.

My wife and I are closing in on retirement and have been looking for a place where we can build and be happy in our golden years. We have been looking for a small piece of land for about 2-3 years, but nothing really got our attention. One day I got an alert on my computer about a new phase at the Rio Escondido Ranch which was going on sale that coming Saturday. We had a look at the area and it was astonishing beautiful, resting in the Texas Hill Country. Problem was that we were leaving for Cozumel that Saturday morning. So I contacted Lone Star Land Partners in the hopes that we could view some properties prior to our departure on Saturday. I called and spoke to one of the land consultants, Kyle Puckett. Kyle explained that they were not showing that property until the opening on Saturday. I asked if he could make an exception since we would not be back in town for the next 3 weeks. Kyle advised that he would contact management and check to see if it could be done. Within 10 minutes I got a call back from Kyle advising that they would make an exception due to our circumstances. We met with Kyle that Friday (Kyle's day off) and he took us around to several properties where we fell in love with one 10 acre tract. We went back to the office and within 30 minutes we had signed the papers and were on our way. We told our friends about the property that we bought and how simple that Lone Star Land Partners made the process. Subsequently, a couple friends and our daughter bought the 3 lots next to ours. Thank you Kyle and Lone Star Land Partners for your assistance. We could not be more happy!
Kelly S.

Rob was so helpful in finding the perfect location location to build our future dream home. We're so excited for the memories we will make.
Alan and Sandra F.

Rob Taute was an amazing salesperson who showed us many properties. He was patient and understanding as we weighed our options. He never pressured us and was super fun to work with.
James G.

We had an exceptional experience working with Ryan Taylor from Lone Star Land Partners to purchase property at Rio Escondido. Ryan treated us with respect and professionalism; he never came on too strong and was always available to answer our questions. We came to purchase our land in an unexpected way. My husband's brother and his wife had set the appointment with Ryan and we accompanied them as "emotional support." They made the trip down from Nebraska and stayed with us in Austin and used our house as a base camp to look at multiple properties. When it came time to go to Rio Escondido, we went with them. My husband, Steve, told Ryan that we were not going to buy anything. Ryan said that isn't a problem and welcomed us on the tour. He walked the land with us multiple times from corner to corner, answering questions and engaging everyone in the group. He allowed us time to think and admire the beautiful property. He asked my in-laws if they wanted to buy the property and they didn't know. However, my husband and I were taken with the property and we began to ask Ryan questions about the property. He is very knowledgeable about the property, Rio Escondido and the surrounding area and we decided that we would purchase two creek lots at Rio Escondido. He is a true professional that we trust and would use again. Thank you, Ryan and we are excited about our property at Rio Escondido.
Steve and Janna P.

We are so excited and grateful to have had the opportunity to purchase our land from Ryan & Rio Escondido!! From the moment we arrived at the office we were treated with such kindness & hospitality. From that moment our 2 girls (8 & 3) were attached to Ryan's hip asking so many questions which were accepted with such enthusiasm when Ryan would answer them. We fell in love with the land options instantly!!! After our first time seeing a few pieces we decided it was our time and 3 weeks later during a sale we put down a down payment for the most perfect piece of property (in our eyes) The whole process has been smooth & Ryan has made sure he is with us every step of the way!!! We have enjoyed a few weekends already out there and are looking forward to many more star gazing nights with s'mores in our hands enjoying the quietness and the beauty that the land offers!!!
Jim and Kelly L.

We looked and researched several areas in Texas and fell in love with Rio Escondido with a creek front 10 acre lot. Ryan Taylor was friendly, pleasant and knowledgeable. He made the purchase a pleasant process as we were flying in from out of state and were on a tight schedule. He kept in touch throughout the process all the way through the closing. We are pleased to now own our retirement property at Rio Escondido and would recommend Lone Star to anyone else looking.
Sergeant Kenneth H.

My wife and I would like to express our genuine appreciation and gratitude to Scott Bogart for making the purchase process seamless and enjoyable. We didn't know what to expect in purchasing a property in the manner in which this was sold. However, Scott's professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm about the property and the process was a great factor in our decision to purchase this property instead of other properties in the surrounding areas that we had considered over the past couple of years.
Brian and Kim G.

I have to say, I have bought and sold a lot of properties over the years and you guys are BY FAR the best and easiest I have ever worked with!! I have several friends who may be looking to relocate to Texas, so be sure to keep be abreast of every new project!
Jo B.


Hello Ted, Thanks for the reply. I do feel much more at ease. I appreciate your time on this. I think we would like to set up a time to view the property. My wife really wants to look at Indian Springs as well, probably more so than Rio E. Me I just want good land to hunt and shoot and eventually build the barndo out fully. We are currently in Leander so it takes about 1.5 hours to get to Evant, maybe less, so I am not sure we could make it during the week unless we could meet at 6ish. Please let me know what times/days work for you and we will set up a time to meet. Again, thanks for all the information and open conversation. I can work with anyone who is willing to logically discuss questions and concerns and respect each other. Now I am excited about seeing the property again. FYI, I am a Christian, so this is all God's time not my time. I only want to be where the good Lord places us. Alongside some other like minded people.
Jeff M.

Bobby listened to what we wanted out of a property and led us to the perfect piece of land for our family. We appreciate his honestly and hard work.

Shooting Star Ranch

A few months back during a family dinner it was decided that owning a piece of land in the Rocio name needed to be on our immediate bucket list. A place to build memories that would bond us closer together as a family and something we could pass on to the future generations of Rocios. Little did we know that just a few short months later we would see a commercial on the television advertising exactly what we had envisioned.

We made the call and spoke to Rob McFall and instantly felt the excitement through the phone. Our meeting was set and the next day we made the three and a half hour drive from Katy, TX. Rob welcomed us as we arrived on the land with a huge smile and firm handshake. We weren’t sure what to expect since this was our first time touring any type of property, but he assured us that we were in the right hands and he would make sure he would cover any questions or doubts we may have had.

As city folk, we weren’t sure what all to ask about country living but he put our minds at ease when he told us even if we didn’t buy from him that once we completed the tour we would know what to ask and look for when buying land. Definitely not the usual pushy salesman, so that was points for him! As we toured about 4 or 5 of the lots, the conversation started to flow easily and even a few jokes because my Dad is afraid of snakes and definitely showed his city side.

Rob drove us around each perimeter of the lots and would stop in the middle of the property and we would all bounce around ideas of where to put a house, which tree to put Mom’s swing and where would we have our firepit. At each lot he helped us paint a picture of what future Rocio memories would look like. After three long hours and countless trips back and forth trying to pick our perfect lot, we finally decided. Lot 5!

With great excitement we jumped out of the mule and posed around the Lot 5 marker as my sister placed the SOLD sticker on the sign. Rob took our pictures and even made sure to get all the right angles so we had options to pick from later. All in all, it was the most pleasant sales experience with no pressure and a lot of imagination. Everything was explained to the T and we signed on the dotted line. Thank you Rob for the wonderful experience! The Rocio Family is so excited to be a part of the Shooting Star Ranch community!

Mayra R.

Shooting Star Ranch - Texas Land for Sale

Shooting Star Ranch - Texas Land for Sale

I was very impressed with John and all of the information that he conveyed to me during the tour. He explained everything and answered my questions until I completely understood everything about the property and the process of buying land. Because of all of the knowledge that John had and the way he dealt with me, I felt as though I was with a professional that knew his job and his business. This gave me a calm good feeling and made my purchase easy to do.

Ivan T.

My wife, daughter and I visited Shooting Star ranch Friday, 9/11/2020. Rob McFall was our land consultant throughout the tour yesterday. My family really appreciated the time, effort and assistance Rob devoted throughout our tour. We felt comfortable and at ease looking at the available lots. At no time did Rob made us feel pressured into deciding even though this was our first land purchase. At the end of our tour we decided on purchasing lot #11. I just wanted to express our sincere gratitude with Rob's professionalism in the handling of our purchase. I'll look forward to the continual support and assistance of Shooting Star Ranch, LLC in the future. Thank you as I wish you a wonderful day.

Charles D.

My family and I have been looking for a piece of property for several years. When we arrived to view Shooting Star Ranch, we were anxious to see what it offered, and it delivered – privacy, beautiful trees, and stunning hill county views!

Rob was very warm and welcoming when we arrived and was an excellent tour guide of the ranch. We viewed several properties on the ranch and Rob was extremely helpful in answering questions and in helping us decide on the property that best fit us. We never felt pressured or hurried to make a decision and ended up purchasing a beautiful 5-acre lot with everything we wanted.

Rob continued to offer us excellent customer service throughout the purchase process, answering questions and even helped us find a bank to finance with. My family and I can’t say enough good things about the property or how well Rob has taken care of us. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase!

Shawn S.

Shooting Star Ranch - Texas Land for Sale

My wife and I could not be more pleased with the entire process surrounding our recent purchase of a lot in the Shooting Star development outside of Lampasas, Texas. From the initial phone call through our meeting at the site and tour, Louis Berger was patient, helpful, informative and took a sincere interest in determining what our long-term goals were, and then pointing us in the right direction. After making the decision to move forward, Louis guided us through the process and make great recommendations for financing alternatives and other vendors we may need in the future. Thank you Louis and thank you Lone Star Land Partners for creating such a magnificent development.

Ciff & Cheryl B.

It didn't take long to fall in love with Shooting Star Ranch. The views from this mountaintop are definitely breathtaking. From start to finish, the buying process was quick and smooth, thanks to Kim Benestante. We look forward to the tranquility that we'll soon experience in Lometa, Texas.

Gilbert & Melinda P.

Shooting Star Ranch - Texas Land for Sale

Our land consultant, Rob McFall, made our visit enjoyable. Tons of laughs and answered all of our questions! He was very patient with us and showed us a few lots until we found exactly what we were looking for. He walked the entire lot with us and we couldn’t be happier. We look forward to working with him moving forward.

Jody & Sabrina B.

Rob McFall was an outstanding land consultant. He showed us several properties that were available, without any pressure to buy. Rob was very courteous and attentive to our needs. He patiently met with us on two separate occasions, providing us with honest opinions and information. We are extremely happy to have met and worked with Rob. We highly recommend him to our family and friends in the future. Thank you, Rob, for your patience and courtesy!

Kurt & Dolores S.

Shooting Star Ranch - Texas Land for Sale

My wife, daughter and I visited Shooting Star ranch yesterday (Friday, 9/11/2020). Rob McFall was our land consultant throughout the tour yesterday. My family really appreciated the time, effort and assistance Rob devoted throughout our tour. We felt comfortable and at ease looking at the available lots. At no time did Rob made us feel pressured into deciding even though this was our first land purchase. At the end of our tour we decided on purchasing lot # 11. I just wanted to express our sincere gratitude with Rob's professionalism in the handling of our purchase. I'll look forward to the continual support and assistance of Shooting Star Ranch in the future. Thank you as I wish you a wonderful day.

Charles D.

From beginning to end working with Louis has been a pleasure. Louis is the epitome of no pressure sales. While he was showing us property, it didn’t feel like he was trying to sell anything – just trying to find a place that made me happy. He made sure to show all the different “types” of plots first, and then asked the questions to focus in on what I was really looking for. It ended up being the first plot he showed me, but he made sure that I had the chance to see all the options and decide for myself. And his questions helped me clarify what I did and didn’t want for my land.

All through, he answered questions from the technical about percolation rates to the silly about how many dogs I should adopt. Any time he didn’t know the answer, he was honest and provided what he did know.

Bonus points for making sure to bring bug spray when we went to look at the land!

Dominique K.

Stone Creek Ranch

We wanted to write out testimonial and thank you for all your help! Right from the start you really listened to our family’s needs and wants. You knew exactly which property to show us! It was everything we wanted, and we were excited to get started. Our situation was a little tricky with my husband getting sent overseas unexpectedly 48 hours after we signed, and you jumped right in to help us get what we needed to finish the process. You went above and beyond at that point! Thank you for everything, we love our land! We can't wait to build our dream farmhouse.

Nick & Sam W.

Stone Creek Ranch - Texas Land for Sale
Whitetail Ridge

Whitetail Ridge - Texas Land for Sale

As first-time land and property owners we were very delighted with customer service provided by Mr. McFall and the entire staff. Mr. McFall guided us, answered questions, and made things flow smoothly for us as we were transitioning through the entire process. It was a complete blessing to have him as our personal assistant. Honesty and good customer service is hard to come by these days so we greatly appreciate it. We recommend his services in the future to anyone we may know in need of assistance! Thank you again.

Stephen & Ramona B.

Buying lot #29 in Whitetail Ridge was an easy straightforward experience. Kim Benestante made the inspection process of the lot a good exploration hike, and then made the paperwork processes very easy. I have applied to the Architectural Control Committee with the plans for a home on the lot and am now waiting for their approval.

Ewing W.

I recently purchased lot 33 in Whitetail Ridge from Louis Berger and I wanted to express my satisfaction.

Louis answered every question without hesitation and was very educated in the process and the knowledge of the area. My wife and I are looking forward to building on our lot and wish to express thanks to Louis.

John M.